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Whether they are turned into a game room, man cave, or apartment for the boomerang kid, is doesn't matter, and while designers and architects have tried to will them out of existence in their design approach to house design, MJS INC would prefer to celebrate them not hide them or worse eliminate them. After all, when you spend 50 grand on a car, why not show it off? We have designed custom houses featuring multi-car garages which have plate glass windows so the cars could be viewed from an owners den or library. Garages today are air conditioned and finished as well as the rest of the house.
Take this little 27 foot wide house. You might think that alleviating the garage would afford a better design. It might when you're selling the sizzle and not the steak. After all, who really prefers to leave their car outside each night, or when selling not being able to say the car was garage kept? I don't know if many buyers searching for a house would find a garage-less house that desirable. So at MJS INC Custom Home Design we put the needs of the prospective owner ahead of our design preferences and philosophies because after all, what good is a design that wins awards but does not sell? So get used to it and celebrate the garage don't try to hide it!


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