The Design Process

The excitement begins here!

Once you have supplied us with your "wish List" form which we will supply to you, we will have you come in to our office for your first design session. At that time, a preliminary hand drawn design sketch of your new house will be presented to you. You will be walked through the design pointing out all of the neat design elements based upon your wish list. After the first meeting you will receive a copy of the floor plans for your review at home, and another design session will also be planned. If the plan concepts are approved, a preliminary hand drawn and colored elevation is presentes to the client.



Once the design phase is completed, the CAD phase commences.

The preliminary sketches are then brought over to our CAD Department. AT that time, the design is reviewed by the CAD technicians. Once the plans are blocked out, a "study Set" of the CAD floor plans are ready for another review by the client. Once approved, the elevations are then drawn. Once all are approved, the construction documents commence to the point where they are ready to go to the engeineering phase.

All MJS INC plans are VALUE ENGINEERED for maximum savings in construction costs.

Once a thorough review from the quality control department is completed, the plans are sent to the truss company who then designs the floor and roof systems.

Design Process
Design Process

Once the engineered plans are completed and after a thorough review by our structural engineer, the plans are ready to have the engineers signature and seal attached to them, and then they are ready for the permitting process by the builder.